4 Causes of Low Sperm Count That Can Affect Many Men


Sperm is not among the health conditions that cause concerns in many people, or we can say couples. However, if a couple wants to extend their family then increasing sperm count will become a must. Low sperm count is a problem that affects many men in every country.

In medical terms, we call low sperm counts oligospermia. This is considered the major as well as the common reason for infertility. If the sperm count is less than fifteen million in one millimetre of semen, then we will call it low sperm.

Many risk factors make you more prone to low sperm count. According to the sexologist doctor in Lahore, these risk factors will vary. For instance, exposure of the testicles to excessive heat of one person will be a risk factor for one person. And the use of several medications is the cause of many others.

In addition, surgeries around the testicles or traumas can also lead to sperm count. Some lifestyle habits or environmental factors can also cause this issue. However, if you are experiencing a low sperm count, then first diagnose the reason for this problem.

After knowing the reason, it will become comparatively easy to overcome low sperm count. These are some common reasons or causes of low sperm count in many men.

Here it is also key to explain the misconception about low sperm count. It is a myth in many societies that masturbation can cause a significant decrease in sperm count. But a study not only negates this but also indicates that daily ejaculation, whether through masturbation or making a physical relation, will not decrease sperm count.

Causes of Low Sperm Count

These are causes for low sperm count in many men that can lead to infertility or many other problems:

1- Ejaculation Problems

Ejaculation problems are also common among men. There are many types of ejaculation problems. For instance, some people ejaculate earlier than satisfy their partner and some men take too long time to ejaculate. However, these ejaculation problems are unlikely to cause a low sperm count.

In contrast to these ejaculation problems, there is an ejaculation problem, retrograde ejaculation that can lead to low sperm count. This symptom occurs semen at the time of ejaculation enters the bladder instead of coming out. Many health conditions such as diabetes, surgeries of the spinal cord, or urethra problems can lead to retrograde ejaculation.

Additionally, some medication use, alpha-blockers, that treats blood pressure can also cause ejaculatory problems. Therefore, preventing and treating retrograde ejaculation becomes important to avoid a decrease in sperm count.

2- Blockage of Sperm Tubes

A number of tubes in the testicles and penis carry sperm when you ejaculate. If tubes get blocked, the sperm will not pass out easily. Some problems such as surgeries or inherited conditions can block these tubes and you may become unable to pass the semen.

Previous infections, developments that are abnormal, or traumas, can also be the major reasons behind the blockage of tubes that carry semen.

Sexologists doctors and urologists say that this blockage can occur anywhere. Like, it can occur within the testicles or the penis. The blockage of semen at the time of ejaculation can lead to low sperm count in many men.

To increase sperm count easily, you must get treatment for blocked tubes that carry semen.

3- Immunological Infertility

Sometimes, the bodies of men make antibodies that start attacking sperm count. In healthy men, there are fewer chances that the body will make antibodies. However, men with several problems such as surgeries or infections can face increased levels of antibodies.

The high levels of these antibodies in the body keep the sperm away to function and working properly. However, medical researchers say that we are unable to find the relation between the attack of antibodies and fertility. If your sperm count is low, then it may be due to immunological infertility. A urologist can help in a better way to overcome this condition to increase sperm count.

4- Environmental Factors

The temperature of ideal sperm conditions is slightly less than the body. Therefore, there is a place for the testicles outside of the abdomen. As mentioned in the introduction, excessive heat to the testicles can decrease semen.

Therefore, sitting at a hot place or putting a laptop in your abdominal area can decrease your sperm count faster than other causes. In addition, some other environmental factors such as exposure to pesticides can also decrease sperm count in many people.

Exposure to heavy metals can also be a major reason for a decrease in sperm counts. Additionally, radiation from X-rays will be another reason for decreasing sperm count. All these causes of low sperm count will vary in men.

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